Bringing together Israeli High-Tech and Indian Dentistry


Among OraliaH’s founders are Israelis, who are deeply involved in the Israeli high-tech and medical industries. This means we have access to the latest innovations in the field, and ensure we keep up with the latest developments, so that we can provide our patients with cutting-edge solutions.

We set our baseline at international standards

Our dentists have studied at some of the most prestigious schools throughout the world, soaking up international standards and methodologies, as well as practising an innovative and creative approach to problem solving. As is true for every profession, thinking outside the box makes your dental treatment more precise, more effective, and less painful.

The latest technologies in every part of the clinic

Electronic medical records


State-of-the-art drills
and other tools


ISO-certified sterilization machine
with a water quality sensor


UV Chamber for storing sterilized
dental instruments


RIOScan - the latest digital
imaging plate system


Advanced X-ray machine
and sensor

How our treatments can help you?

Basic Dental Procedures
Aesthetic Dental Procedures


“Everyone should have access to high-end dental care.”

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We understand that one of the main reasons people avoid dental treatment on a regular basis is fear. We don’t like pain any more than you do - that's why we do everything in our power to avoid it.

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