Fear of the dentist is now a thing of the past

Several things concern people when they think of visiting the dentist - the tools, the smells, the sounds and above all, the pain.

OraliaH's experts have developed a unique treatment methodology to deal with all this and more. Your dental administrative assistant, dentist, and pain avoidance specialist will get to know you and your sensitivity, in order to plan the fastest, most effective, and least painful treatment for you.

manage pain
manage pain

What we do to manage pain:

A unique treatment methodology

Expertly developed by our pain avoidance specialist, working together with your dentist.

New technologies and methods

Constantly seeking technologies that reduce pain and alleviate the fear.

An individualized treatment plan

The fastest, most effective, and least painful treatment for you.

Too distracted to think about the pain

Our modern treatment rooms are equipped to distract and redirect you during treatment, so you don't focus on the discomfort or pain.

How our treatments can help you?

Basic Dental Procedures
Aesthetic Dental Procedures

“Everyone should have access to high-end dental care.”

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We understand that one of the main reasons people avoid dental treatment on a regular basis is fear. We don’t like pain any more than you do - that's why we do everything in our power to avoid it.

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